Decade after ‘P.J.’ settlement, special education debate rages in Connecticut

This article cites a court case about a student with disabilities and inclusion.  The link to the article is pasted below.  Please consider taking the Transition Universe poll on inclusion. What are your thoughts in inclusion in the general curriculum for students with disabilities?  Does inlcusion have an impact on transition to adulthood?

New Haven Register article

Nicholas Glomb of Vernon, who has Down syndrome, was able to spend his school years in regular classrooms with his non-disabled classmates.

Today, at age 25, he has friends, works at a supermarket and aspires to have his own food service business.

“None of this would have been possible without him being included in general education classes,” said his father, Walter Glomb.

Proponents of the movement in recent years to include disabled children in regular education classes as much as possible point to success stories like Nicholas.

But others say special education students sometimes end up isolated and unable to keep pace.

Read more here.

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