More Students With Disabilities Heading to College

Education Week article – Published Online: December 13, 2011

   When Andrew Van Cleave thought about what he wanted to do after high school, this son of two university graduates came up with the same answer many his age come up with: go to college.

Until the past decade, though, college wasn’t much of an option for students, including Mr. Van Cleave, who have significant intellectual impairments. This month, the 24-year-old, who has an intellectual disability and ADHD, became one of the first graduates of a two-year program at Vanderbilt University designed for students with severe cognitive disabilities. He starts a job next month.

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2 responses to “More Students With Disabilities Heading to College

  1. Isn’t that article a little old- December 2011? Any recent article on anyone getting a job since then?

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