College Living Experience Increases Student Participation In Its CLE Career Development Program By 27%

PR Newswire post , October 30, 2013

 College Living Experience (CLE), a national organization founded to help students with special learning needs achieve post-secondary education and independent-living skills, today announced that over the two-year academic period from 2011 to 2013, students participating in the CLE Career Development Program has increased 27% from 45 to 57 students.  An equal number of local businesses in Austin, Texas; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Denver, Colorado; Monterey, California; and Rockville, Maryland currently offer CLE students work experience in industries that include animal services and zoos, health services, museums, public libraries, hospitality, arts and theater, non-profits, and retail, just to highlight a few.

The CLE Career Development Program helps students with autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, non-verbal learning disorders and other learning disabilities pursue experience related to employment.  College Living Experience teaches students the full range of skills necessary to search, apply and interview for a position, including how to develop a cover letter and resume, how to network to identify job opportunities, and how to interview with a prospective employer.  While pursuing post-secondary education through CLE, students can consider volunteer placement, job shadowing, or internships that can potentially lead to part-time and full-time employment.

Stephanie Martin, president of CLE, commented, “People with disabilities represent the largest untapped labor pool in the U.S.  Our primary goal at with the CLE Career Development Program is to help students acquire valuable work skills while gaining confidence in the work environment.  We also aim to educate businesses on the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and the significant contributions these employees can make for the company.  We are delighted to see so many of our students and local businesses working together to learn from each other.”

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