Roses for Autism

Roses For Autism is a social enterprise that fosters the thoughtful transition of individuals with Autism to meaningful employment and personal success.

Through the Discover Learn Work career training service, individuals discover their unique strengths, learn the necessary technical skills and social competence, and gain valued work experience at the dynamic Roses For Autism business so that they can obtain employment and be successful in their chosen careers!

According to a September 2013 Huffington Post Article with Tom Fanning (President and CEO of Ability Beyond Disability, the parent organization of Roses for Autism),

“There have been amazing changes in the confidence levels of many of the adults that work at Roses For Autism. While here, they have learned how to be part of a team, utilize the transferable skills they have been taught, advocate for themselves and even mentor others who are just starting in their career paths. Each individual recognizes that their contribution is essential to the success of the entire operation.

We have also witnessed increased independence in other aspects of their lives which we believe is due to the personal growth and success that they have achieved here. Some of our employees have obtained driver’s licenses, moved into their own apartments, pursued college level education and obtained secure, permanent employment in careers of their choice.”

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