H.R. 509: TEAM-Employment Act of 2013

 Transition toward Excellence, Achievement, and Mobility through Employment Act of 2013 or TEAM-Employment Act of 2013 

(b) PurposesThe purposes of this Act are the following:

(1) To create a systemic focus on cultivating the high expectations for youth with significant disabilities to transition successfully into adulthood and be able to work in integrated employment, earn a liveable wage, and live independently in integrated communities through public policies that advance equality of opportunity, informed choice, employment first principles, and economic self-sufficiency.
(2) To promote innovative strategies to foster academic, professional, and social inclusion, and the solidification of long-term services and supports required to ensure full integration into the society (including school, work, family, social engagement, interpersonal relationships, and community living).
(3) To better define and coordinate specific services related to the effective transition of youth with significant disabilities.
(4) To eliminate barriers and provide incentives for multiple stakeholders to collaborate and improve transition services for youth with significant disabilities.
This site contains the entire text of the TEAM Act bill.
Read the status and summary, and sign up to track the bill, here.
(5) To create a holistic system across multiple Federal, State, and local public entities promoting employment first strategies and the successful transition of youth with significant disabilities into adulthood through strengthened coordination among and between public entities, including the alignment of planning processes, implementation systems, and funding streams.
(6) To align, enhance, and improve performance and accountability measures among public entities involved in the transition of youth with significant disabilities into adulthood.
(7) To provide financial incentives to States to align their planning processes across and within public entities involved in transitioning, strengthen and coordinate regulations to ensure cross-agency emphasis on the promotion of employment first policies and practices, and re­balance resources toward an employment first paradigm to focus on the preferred outcomes of advancing integrated employment, economic self-sufficiency, independent living, and community participation for youth and adults with significant disabilities.
(8) To ensure proper level of professional development training of publicly financed service delivery professionals involved in the transition of youth with significant disabilities into adulthood on evidence-based promising practices.

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