Livermore film training workshops help developmentally disabled adults prepare for life in the movie industry

Oakland Tribune, December 15, 2013

LIVERMORE — The scene at the downtown Casse-CroÃte Bakery is typical: packed with people and perfumed with the smell of freshly baked bread.

It’s a Monday, the day owners Richard Denoix and Lenore Colarusso-Denoix normally close the shop. But this day is special, the first day of filming, and it’s hear-a-pin-drop quiet, especially when director Hester Wagner calls for “Action!”

The bakery is just one of six Livermore locations being used for the first movie to be produced by the students of Joey Travolta’s L.A.-based Inclusion Films Workshop.

Students enrolled in the 20-week Practical Film and Media Workshop, which launched in February, are the inaugural class working on their thesis film. The Northern California filmmaking school is an expansion of Travolta’s innovative vocational training program for adults with developmental disabilities and a joint venture with Lafayette-based nonprofit Futures Explored.

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