Kansas School Creates Greeting Card Business

A satellite school for special education students in Riverton, Kansas has developed a business project where students with disabilities are gaining skills for post secondary employment, according to an article in The Joplin Globe, January 23, 2014.

When Riverton High School special-education teacher Matt DeMoss came up with an idea for a new program, he figured it would take a year for students to learn it, adjust to it and begin thriving.

“In reality, we had to catch up to the kids’ progress. They’re now teaching one another,” he said Thursday morning as they got busy.

The students are running their own business, called 323 MFG. The 323 references their classroom, and MFG stands for manufacturing.

Their product?

“Greeting cards,” said senior Bella Stemm as she carefully ironed a 5- by 7-inch piece of wet, hand-created pink paper.

“This is my favorite part to do,” she said.

….DeMoss, who is in his second year of teaching in Riverton, said he wanted to start something hands-on for his students that would engage them and could be tied to as many curriculum areas as possible.

“They’re following written and verbal instructions, reading job tickets, doing math, handling money,” he said.

It’s also improving their communication skills and teamwork abilities.

“They probably all will end up after high school with Class Ltd.,” DeMoss said. “My goal while they were in high school, just like any other teacher, was to get them ready for that post-secondary career.”

Read the article here.

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