Illinois Program Bridges Youth with Disabilities to Adulthood

Posted in the Telegraph (February 4, 2014)

An Illinois Transition program for youth with disabilities is helping students make a smooth adjustment to their world beyond high school.

EDWARDSVILLE — The transition from school to the real world can be tough, especially for those with disabilities.

The Madison County Regional Office of Education, along with some local groups, continues to work to make that transition a little easier.

The ROE’s Secondary Transition Experience Program (STEP) aims to help students with disabilities more easily transition from high school to the rigors of working and being a member of the community. The program gives high school students the chance to learn job skills and interact with others in a job setting. It also helps students better prepare for the non-employment aspects of the real world — things like teaching students in wheelchairs how to board a city bus or helping students with personal assistants learn how to manage those assistants.

Read the article here.

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