Self-Employment as a Transition Tool: Meet JennyLuDesigns

One employment approach for young adults with disabilities should include exploring self-employment.  Tapping into strengths and talents, desires and interests, self-employment may be the niche for many people who otherwise might experience difficulty in securing competitive employment.

Meet Jenny Unrein and her stepmother, Wendi, who together have created JennyLu Designs featuring their artwork. The work is sold online and at art shows and conferences.  Jenny and Wendi organize “fun raisers” for various causes, including cancer and Williams Syndrome.

JennyLU Designs is a new business featuring artwork of Jenny and Wendi Unrein. Jenny has Williams Syndrome and is an artist who loves vibrant colors and passionate expressions.[from the JennyLuDesigns facebook page]

Visit JennyLU Designs here.

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