Detroit Bakery Provides Training Opportunities for Special Needs Adults

Work experience, social skills, fine motor skills are just some of the benefits young adults with special needs receive at the Friendship Bakery in Detroit. (CW50 TV Now, March 20, 2014)

A Metro Detroit community group is giving adults with special needs a chance to learn several skills needed to get a job. Classes at the Friendship Bakery, a 9-week program, are held Thursdays inside the Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield Township.

As part of the Friendship Bakery, students make dozens upon dozens of loaves of Challah, a Jewish egg-based bread.

“It’s a very positive environment, there’s a lot of comradery, everyone’s working together. They usually work in teams,” said Rivka Mann, Manager of the Friendship Bakery.

“They really enjoy helping each other, so one who’s better at measuring with numbers with scale, will weigh the dough. And then they’ll have someone else take it to the roller and roll it out, and then someone else might braid it.”

Mann says the progress she sees in her students’ social skills is astounding. She adds that students also learns kitchen safety and hygiene, as well as fine motor skills.

Mann says she hopes the program helps special needs adults get the opportunity in life everyone deserves.

Read more here.

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