Iowa School District Approves Post High School Program for Students with Learning Disabilities

The Sioux City (Iowa) School District has approved a program that will enable students with learning disabilities the opportunity for a fifth year of high school to transition to college and career.

Eight Sioux City high school students will attend classes at Western Iowa Tech Community College when the new semester begins next week.

Throughout the year, the students, who are between 17 and 21 and have learning disabilities, will have the opportunity to expand their education and career skills through a program that offers a fifth year of high school.

The Students Utilizing Community College Educational Support Services (SUCCESS) Program, a joint effort with WITCC and Northwest Area Education Agency (AEA) was unanimously approved by both the Sioux City schools and WITCC boards on Monday.

The program gives students additional living and learning experience, said Jean Peters, director of learning supports for the Sioux City Community School District.

Read more here.

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