Optimistic Outlook for Job Seekers with Disabilities

According to information in The Huffington Post, the employment situation is looking bright for people with disabilities. The focus was information from Think Beyond the Label, an outreach organization that provides resources to people with disabilities and businesses to better inform everyone of the employment possibilities.

Think Beyond the Label conducted a survey of hundreds of people with disabilities in December, 2014 on job searching.

Think Beyond the Label found that job seekers look for jobs like anyone else–90% use LinkedIn as a job search tool–but desire more targeted outreach and disability-specific job tools to help them find meaningful work. Nine out of 10 respondents say they would use a targeted job board, while three-quarters say they want to network with employers that are actively looking to hire people with disabilities.

Job seekers with disabilities can and want to work.

Businesses should take note. People with disabilities are looking to connect with you. This is the largest and most heterogeneous minority group in the U.S., with a population that ranges in age from birth to late retiree. Baby boomers, often the senior-most people in a company’s workforce, are more likely to incur disability as they age.

Food for thought.  To read more about this survey, seeking jobs, and recruiting people with disabilities, go to these sites:

Huffington Post

Think Beyond the Label survey information

Think Beyond the Label website

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