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Visionary Employers “See the Light”: Disability Hiring

An increasing number of employers are beginning to “see the light” with regards to hiring people with disabilities.

Carol Glazer, President of the National Organization on Disability, has posted an article in the Huffington Post,  Retailers Can Learn From Each Other When it Comes to Disability Hiring, where she highlights the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and how some employers are stepping up.

In a race for talent, companies are now realizing that people with disabilities are a largely untapped pool that, as a result, has seen unemployment rates remain stubbornly high when compared to the general population. So when an employer the size of Starbucks plants a flag and says it is going to make this a priority, others are likely to follow.

Galzer provides examples of how retail giants like Starbucks and Walgreens have created initiatives to hire people with disabilities, whose talents bring extraordinary contributions to the workforce. Continue reading

A Hidden Post-Secondary Option: Apprenticeships

Reid Setzer over at Young Invicibles has posted an article on the concept of apprenticeships as an option for students right out of high school, particularly is students are concerned about the funding of their post-secondary education.

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama stressed the importance of young people obtaining post-secondary credentials to succeed in the modern economy. The US is projected to have a deficit of three million workers with associate’s degrees or higher by 2020.  Expanding apprenticeships is one promising and cost effective solution for closing the gap. Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction to teach workers the practical and theoretical aspects of highly skilled occupations.Unfortunately, there are only 358,000 active registered apprentices in the United States, and few people know they exist.

Students unsure about their next step after high school ought to take a look at apprenticeships. They offer some post-secondary training that will result in an essential industry certificate at minimum, a 2-year degree in many cases, and 4-year degrees in others. Apprentices simultaneously earn credentials and a paycheck. In an era of skyrocketing tuition and student debt, apprenticeships are an enticing alternative to the traditional college route. Students not only get accredited degrees, but are employed upon completion with no educational debt. Yes, you heard that right: employed with no debt. It is amazing that so few people know about them.

Read the post and learn more about how to find apprenticeships here.