Evidence-Based Practices

In-school practices that will predict post-school success in any of the three Transition areas

The following table* shows practices that can have an effect on 1-, 2-, or all three areas. (No “X” in an area doesn’t mean that it can’t be a predictor; it just means that it isn’t research validated yet.) Educators and families can use this information to help prioritize transition planning.
Predictor Education Employment
Career Awareness X X
Occupational Courses X X
Paid Employment/Work Experience X X X
Vocational Education X X
Work Study X
Community Experiences X
Exit Exam Requirements/High School Diploma Status X
Inclusion in General Education X X X
Program of Study X
Self-Advocacy/Self-Determination X X
Self-Care/Independent Living X X X
Social Skills X X
Interagency Collaboration X X
Parental Involvement X
Student Support X X X
Transition Program X X

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