Inter-Agency Collaboration

What agencies/services are available in the community to help with transition?

There are a number of agencies and organizations in the community to help students with disabilities through the transition process! They may provide a variety of services, including help with work skills, job placement, independent living, post-secondary education, funding, etc.
However, their services are often based on specific eligibility (different for each one) rather than entitlement as part of a free appropriate public education. So, it becomes the student’s/parent’s responsibility to make contact and coordinate services with them. It is usually helpful to make this contact early (late jr. high or early high school) to help facilitate the process, especially if there is a waiting list. With student/parent written permission, some of these agencies may be invited to attend an IEP meeting (talk to the case manager for more specifics).
 (Content above obtained  from Davis School District .)

Transition Agencies, Service Providers and Support Organizations

NOTE:   This is a work in progress.  Check back often for updates. 

Last updated June 13, 2012

Transition Agency and Support Organization List

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