IHE Transition Specialist Programs

Utah State University

Masters Degree in Special Education with a concentration in Transition.

The Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation at Utah State University is offering a M.S. or M.Ed. in Special Education with a concentration in Transition from School to Adulthood. The program prepares special education teachers licensed at the bachelor’s level and other eligible graduate students to (a) provide transition services preparing individuals with disabilities for adult living, and (b) support and monitor individuals with disabilities in post-secondary education and supported/competitive employment. Students take “core” masters courses along with transition-related courses. Three courses allow students pursuing special education degrees to work alongside students working towards rehabilitation counseling degrees, thus allowing an interdisciplinary experience. Graduates of this program are specialists who can assist young adults with disabilities towards self-sufficiency and independence as contributing citizens of communities.

The George Washington University

Transition Special Education | Online (Graduate Certificate)

The Transition Special Education Certificate Program meets the CEC Advanced Knowledge and Skills Base for Transition Specialists (2003) which are recognized by most states, and the National Standards and Quality Indicators of the National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition (2005). Most students begin in the Fall by taking SPED 236.DE, Introduction to Career, Vocational, and Transition Services.

Please note that this program is not a teacher certification program. For those seeking teacher certification in special education, please visit the Secondary Special Education and Transition Services web page.

Kent State University

Transition Specialist Endorsement

This [online]program provides graduates with a Master’s level Endorsement to Teaching License. The Kent State transition to Work (TTW) endorsement program is for teachers licensed as intervention specialists and vocational educators.

University of Kansas

KU iTran Scholarship Program

Through a US Department of Education grant, KU-iTran provides financial support for online training programs in secondary special education and transition. KU-iTran supports two online tracks targeting secondary educators working with disabilities in high needs areas. Working with state department of education (SEA) partners (AZ, GA, ID, KS, MO, PA, VA), the KU-iTran Scholarship Program will offer financial assistance to participants based on a selection criteria that takes into account state needs, teacher demographics, and student populations.

KU TransCert Program

The KU Transition Certificate (KU TransCert) program is offered through the University of Kansas (KU), Department of Special Education.

This online training program requires 15 hours of transition graduate coursework for secondary special education professionals leading to a graduate certificate in transition. The KU TransCert program provides a comprehensive approach to transition training and a unique opportunity for special education professionals who wish to increase their instructional strategies in transition service and delivery.

The certificate program consists of five (5) core KU transition courses for a total of 15 graduate credit hours. Students enroll in one course per semester and the program is completed over a 2-year period of time.

Transition Education and Services Masters of Science in Education

The University of Kansas, Department of Special Education Masters of Science in Education with an emphasis in Transition Education and Services is a 30 credit hour graduate program leading to masters in special education. An online transition masters program is now available.

Doctoral Program in Secondary Special Education & Transition

The University of Kansas, Department of Special Education offers graduate training leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.). When applying to the Special Education department, a student interested in a doctoral program in Secondary Special Education & Transition would designate this as his or her area of emphasis in the department. KU SET is a traditional, on-campus program. It cannot be completed online.

University of Wisconsin

Transition Specialist Certificate

The online Transition Specialist Certificate is 15 graduate credits. All credits may count toward a MSE in special education through the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.


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