Utah Public Charter High Schools

Academy for Math, Engineering and Science (AMES)

Beehive Science and Technology Academy

City Academy

City Academy developed a Peer Buddy Program which is described in the article, Inclusion and Peer Buddies:  Making the Exception the Norm, on Utah Personnel Development Center’s Essential Educator.

City Academy also has a Service Learning program in place that requires each student to serve in an Internship as a graduation requirement.  10th through 12th grade students participate in internship placements of their choosing in non-profit or government organizations in the community. Students learn about the causes and issues of the organization within which they are serving. The student intern then helps the organization implement some of the interventions they have helped develop.

Students with disabilities are strategically placed in this program with organizations that meet their career interests.  Many students have been able to fine tune their aspirations through this program.

DaVinci Academy

East Hollywood High

Itineris Early College High School

Legacy Preparatory Academy

Open High School

Paradigm High School

Rockwell Charter High School

Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts

Spectrum Academy

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