Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination Resources:

Assessments Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment Guide

The Arc’s Self-Determination Scale (Adolescent Version)

ChoiceMaker Self-Determination Assessment

ChoiceMaker Self-Determination Curriculum:  Choosing Employment Goals, Self-Directed IEP, Choosing Education Goals, Choosing Personal Goals, Take Action, and Choose and Take Action

Connecting Outcomes, Goals, and Objectives in Transition Planning

I’m Determined

National Gateway to Self-Determination

Navigating Your IEP: Are you on the right track towards your future?

Promoting Student Self-Determination Skills in IEP Planning

Research to Practice Lesson Plan Starter

Self Determination Knowledge Scale

Self-Determination for Middle and High School Students

Self-Determination for Persons with Disabilities: A Position Statement of the Division on Career Development and Transition

Self-Determination for Postsecondary Students

Self-Determination Synthesis Project

Show 47 Especially for Teens

Steps to Self-Determination

Student Development

Student-Focused Planning

Technologies for Self-Determination for Youth with Developmental Disabilities

Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment

More information can be obtained from Project10 Transition Education Network.)

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