Technology Resources and Information

AbleData – provides objective information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources to consumers, organizations, professionals, and caregivers within the United States.

Closing the Gap:  Changing Lives with Assistive Technology – Founded over 25 years ago by Budd and Dolores Hagen, parents of a child with a disability, Closing The Gap provides professionals, parents and consumers with the information and training necessary to best locate, compare and implement assistive technology into the lives of persons with disabilities.

Cognitive Support Technologies – by Ablelinktech

Conover Functional skills applications

Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology – The international DO-IT Center promotes the success of individuals with disabilities in postsecondary education and careers, using technology as an empowering tool.

Grow Up Get a Job

National Public Website on Assistive Technology – Our mission is to provide access to information on AT devices and services as well as other community resources for people with disabilities and the general public.

Transition Checklist for Students who use Assistive Technology (AT) – Adapted from Chart a Course for the Future, CDE
Utah Augmentative Alternative Communication and Technology Teams (UAACT) – the UAAACT project is dedicated to improving the communication skills of students with disabilities across the state of Utah.
Utah Center for Assistive Technology – The Utah Center for Assistive Technology is a statewide resource offering information and technical services to help people with disabilities acquire and use assistive technology devices.

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