Student-Focused Planning

What areas does Transition Planning cover?

Transition activities can fit within the following three areas (click on each heading for a separate page with information on that topic.):
This domain covers the skills a person needs to function independently in life, and may include such areas as cooking, transportation, budgeting, safety, technology, housing, time management, social, etc.
This domain covers skills necessary for many levels of employment (i.e. competitive, self-, customized, supported, sheltered). These skills may be in areas such as career exploration and matching, applying, being on-time, following directions, associating with colleagues, etc.
This domain covers skills and preparation needed to attend a variety of post-secondary education settings (universities, community colleges, technical school, military, etc.). These skills may be in areas such as choosing a major, class selection, assignment completion, test-taking, organization, study skills, etc.
Obviously, there is a lot of overlap between and among domains. For example, a student going into employment will need certain independent living skills to succeed on the job. Also, a student going to a college will still need job skills to support themselves through school or when they get out of school.
 (Content above on Transition Planning obtained  from Davis School District .)

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